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How Medicare Agents Are Paid

As a Medicare insurance broker, our job is to provide an objective viewpoint on different Medicare plans. We’re not tied to any one company’s product or policy. Since we partner with many different insurance companies, we don’t play favorites and we’re committed to finding the right fit for you.

Let us recommend a plan that will fit in your budget and give you proper healthcare coverage.   

When you work with us, your premiums don’t increase. So, you may wonder how Medicare agents are paid.

Do I Pay a Fee for the Help of a Medicare Agent?

No. What you pay for your insurance is the exact same whether you purchase it direct or through an independent Medicare agent. There’s no extra fee! 

How, Then, Is a Medicare Agent Paid?

As an independent agent, Cornerstone Senior Advisors is paid by the insurance carriers. We make a commission for selling their product. If you buy through the insurance company directly, they keep that commission, and you don’t receive the customer service and support that you’d get from an agent like us. So, you pay the same price but you get less value.

How Does the Process Work?

A Medicare agent will contract with several different insurance carriers to shop your policy and give you the most competitive price and coverage. We educate our clients first, and then let them decide. 

 The process works like this:

  1. You contact us for a free consultation
  2. We compare the rates of many companies 
  3. You choose a company and pay them your premium
  4. Our commission is paid by the insurance company (included in your premium)
  5. We provide you with free ongoing support

Why Work With an Independent Medicare Agent?

At Cornerstone Senior Advisors, we work for YOU. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your health and your family’s well-being. We develop ongoing relationships with our clients so we can ensure they have a plan that brings satisfaction. 

Also, we can provide insight into rate trends and financial ratings, and offer unbiased opinions on Medicare plans.  

Get Help From the Best Medicare Agent

The agents at Cornerstone Senior Advisors are well-educated on Medicare-related insurance products. We’re dedicated to finding you the best insurance company and product, and we can modify if need be as circumstances change. Our agents are truly among the best in the business. Call (316) 260-3331 to see how we can help!