Which 2022 Medicare Plan Is Right For Me?

When it comes to enrolling in Medicare, it’s important that you learn about all your options. Feeling confident and secure in your decision often comes when you’ve done the research and know about Medicare. Fortunately, one of the best parts of Medicare is that they evaluate their plans yearly. This means that you’ll also be able to review your plan each year to determine if its coverage still meets your needs and if the costs of your plan are still within your budget.

If you want to figure out which plan is best for you, consider speaking with a Medicare expert at Cornerstone Senior Advisors. We’re here to guide you towards the right decision and help you pick the best plan for 2022. Another great way to learn about Medicare is to do some research online. There are many great resources that you can use to learn more about this health insurance option.

2022 Medicare Plans

When picking a Medicare plan in 2022, you must choose between Original Medicare (Part A and B) and Medicare Advantage (Part C). This choice will most likely be determined by your budget and the scope of coverage that you want your policy to include. However, for the most part, people will enroll in Original Medicare first. Original Medicare is typically needed before you can begin adding on other coverage, including Medicare Advantage.

If you choose Original Medicare, you’ll have the option to enroll in Part D and Medigap. If you enroll in Original Medicare but then choose to switch to Medicare Advantage, you won’t have the option of adding on a Medigap plan. Some plans will let you purchase a Part D prescription drug plan, but other plans won’t. If you’re set on having prescription drug coverage while enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, your best option will be to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan that already offers it.

When picking out Medicare plans, it can be helpful to think about what coverage you don’t want. You can then check off some plans when you’re sure they’re not right for you. This will help you narrow down your options, as it can be overwhelming to sort through your Medicare choices.

Still Have Questions? We Can Help!

As was mentioned previously, one of the best ways to make sure that you pick the right Medicare plan is to work with the right professional. We understand how challenging it can be to select the right plan, so we’re here to take away some of that stress. Make an appointment today to discuss how we can assist you with your Medicare decisions!