Discover How to Navigate Medicare Confidently

So, you’re turning sixty-five. This special year doesn’t only mean an extra candle on your cake; it also means it’s time to make sense of the alphabet soup of Medicare. Fear not, for you’re holding a simple, easy-to-understand guidebook to help you through the process.

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Here's what You'll Learn

The Basics

What DO those letters mean, anyways?

The Gaps

Should you go with a Supplement or Advantage plan?

The Changes

How do you enroll for plans or switch between them down the road?

And More!

From MSAs (medical savings account plans) to the Donut Hole (unfortunately not the tasty kind), find out everything you need to know!

About the Author

Your guide, author Ryan Nutter, has spent the past decade helping people just like you, from all parts of the United States, with their medical planning for retirement. Now, with Medicare Made Simple, he’s helping even more individuals understand this important piece of retirement planning.